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M4 Tank Adapter

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M4 Tank Adapter

  • Installs in minutes
  • Allows you to attach a co2 or HPA tank to your M4

The M4 Tank Adapter allows you to screw in a co2 or HPA tank directly into the bottom of the grip.  The advantage to using a co2 or HPA tank is the incredible number of shots you’ll get.  Most players can shot all day without refilling.  It’s the most economical way to play.

Shots per source: (actual results may vary due to atmospheric conditions, tests performed at 72°F)

  •   9 oz Co2 = 1700 shots
  • 12 oz Co2 = 2280 shots
  • 20 oz Co2 = 3800 shots
  • 68 cu in HPA @ 4500 psi = 4400 shots
  • 48 cu in HPA @ 3000 psi = 1920 shots