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Take it or leave it

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    Posted: 23 September 2005 at 7:04pm
In preperation for next Saturday's game that my group and I are
planning, I wrote down some games and the rules to those
games for guys to read before coming, so I wouldn't find myself
standing there trying to explain a bunch of rules to twenty guys
milling around getting their gear ready. When I was done
writing it all down ( going to email it to everyone ) I thought
maybe there would be some guys on here that might like to
read some of the games. Some of them are original ideas that
we came up with ourselves, mostly quick scenario games, and
some are traditional games with a little twist. You will have to
excuse my use of words like wound, shot, killed, dead, bullet,
and gun. That's just how I am. Yeah, I know, it's a lot to read,
but it might be worth it to someone feeling like their paintballing
has gotten a little stale lately. We really have a lot of fun with
these games. Anyway, here they are to those who may be


Civil War

This is really basic, and is a great warm up game. Players split
up into two equal teams. The game is played in as open an
area as can be found. Both sides start out in two single lines
facing each other at the distance of the extreme range of a
paint ball gun. There will be ONE person assigned to call out
commands. It doesn’t matter which team he’s playing for.
When everyone is ready the “commander” will call out loud and
clear, “READY. . .AIM. . .FIRE!” On “Fire” everyone (from both
teams) will fire ONE round, and ONE round only at the
opposing team. Those who are hit with a kill shot will step out
of formation, and the team will close up ranks. Those who are
wounded will continue to play on. There are no limits to
wounds in this game. Those who do get wounded, are
encouraged to act out their wound. i.e. kneeling if both legs
have been hit, or shooting lefty if the right arm has been
wounded. After firing, on the commander’s count, both teams
will take five steps forward, reform ranks, and prepare to fire
again. The process is repeated until only one team remains. If
the commander gets killed, he will still call out the commands
for both teams for the game.

Downed Pilot

The scenario: A U.S. stealth bomber has gone down behind
enemy lines. The pilot is believed to have ejected, and is in
jeopardy of capture by the enemy. Because of his knowledge
of stealth weapons, America can’t afford his capture, and a
small , elite rescue squad has been dispatched to locate and
rescue the pilot at all costs before the enemy captures him.

A volunteer is selected to play the part of the downed pilot, and
is sent to the center area of the field with only fifteen rounds for
his gun. After he’s gone, the players split into equal teams, and
decide who will be the Americans, and who will play the
adversary. The teams will be given arm bands to wear for this
game. (Colors will be chosen before the pilot leaves, so he will
recognize friend from foe.) The pilot will have no arm band.
There are two bases at opposite ends of the field, one for each
team to start from. Teams will NOT choose bases until AFTER
the pilot has left the dead zone. ( we don’t want the pilot to
know which direction to expect his enemies or rescuers to
come from ) When the whistle blows the teams begin their race
to locate the pilot. If the Americans are able to secure the pilot,
they will do their best to escort him back to their base. Once at
the base, which represents an extraction zone, the Americans
have to survive for five minutes while waiting for extraction.
During this five minutes the adversaries will attempt to capture
the pilot. If the adversary force comes across the pilot first,
there are three possibilities. The pilot can either surrender, run,
or engage the adversary with fire. If he surrenders, the pilot
must comply with the adversary force and willingly go with them
to their base. If the pilot choses to engage the adversary, and
is hit, he is not dead, regardless of where he was hit. At this
point he will comply with the adversary the same as if he had
surrendered. While in captivity the pilot will be allowed to carry
his weapon and ammo, but under no circumstances will he use
them. In order to be released from his captivity the pilot must
be tagged (by the hand, not with a paint ball) by an American.
Americans are allowed to share their ammo with the pilot after
they’ve rescued him. If the adversary manages to get the pilot
into their base, they must defend against American rescue
attempts. The Americans have ten minutes to rescue the pilot
before he is questioned and executed.


X-Com stands for extraterrestrial Combat. The scenario: It is
the not too distant future, and the threat of alien invasion has
gone from science fiction to all too real. The human race daily
deals with abductions, and entire towns being invaded. The
governments of the world have secretly banded together and
formed a secret elite force to deal with the alien threat, known
as The X-Com Unit, XCU. About an hour ago X-Com
interceptors shot down a UFO, and it crashed landed in a
forest. Intelligence believes there was critical information on
board the UFO, that if captured could help Earth turn the tide of
the war. Interceptor fly-overs have confirmed the location of
the crash, and report alien survivors in and around the
wreckage. The XCU has been dispatched with the hopes of all
human kind resting on their shoulders.

First alien volunteers will be chosen. The number of aliens will
be determined by the total number of players. The aliens
should be outnumbered to begin with, by about three to one,
depending on the alien players’ experience. i.e. if there are ten
total players then there should be about three aliens, no more
than four. Twenty players should have around six or seven
aliens. The players will chose a nice defensible location to
represent the wreckage of the shot down UFO. A flag or other
item such as an old broken computer hard drive, or an ammo
can with some rocks in it will be placed in the UFO. This
represents the alien technology (package) that must be
captured by the XCU. The aliens don’t have to stay in the UFO,
but they have to leave the package in place. The main mission
of the alien team is to prevent the XCU from capturing the
package. The XCU starts from a base that represents the LZ,
and advances on the UFO from there. If a human is hit by an
alien round, regardless of where he’s hit, he mutates into an
alien, and joins the alien team. To do this the player yells
LOUDLY that he’s hit, and stands with both hands in the air.
He then proceeds to walk over to the alien side while counting
loudly to ten. The player is not in play at this time. When he
reaches the other side he taps an alien on the arm, and is now
back in play as an alien. Aliens are allowed to take two
wounds, but a third wound or kill shot, kills the alien. The
player DOES NOT LEAVE the game, but instead lies down on
their back where they were killed with the butt of their gun on
their chest, the muzzle pointing straight up, signifying they are
dead, and out of play. If all humans are hit and mutated into
aliens the game is over, with the aliens as the winners. If the
XCU manages to get into the UFO and capture the package,
they then have to transport it to their LZ. Once the XCU have
picked up the package, a thirty second countdown begins. At
the end of the countdown, all the dead aliens will resurrect, and
pursue the XCU to their LZ. Once the package is in the LZ the
XCU must hold out for five minutes before they can be
extracted. Any aliens killed at this point ( after resurrection ) are
dead for good, and out of the game. After five minutes if any of
the XCU are still alive and have the package at the LZ then
they win the game.

Center Flag

This is capture the flag with equal teams on each side, but only
one flag. The field should be small. Small enough, that a paint
ball can be lobbed from one base to the other. The field of play
should be about half as wide as it is long. One flag is placed in
the center of the field, preferably in a sort of open spot, or if in
cover, the cover gives no certain advantage to one team in
recovering the flag. To win the game, a team has to capture the
flag, and push forward into enemy territory and carry the flag
into, or onto the opponents base. This game has a two-wound
rule. However there is a twist. If a player is hit by a kill shot, or
receives three or more wounds, instead of leaving the field the
player will call “hit” and lie on their back on the ground where
they were hit, with the butt of their gun against their chest,
muzzle straight up to signify they are out of play. Each player is
considered a medic, and if a team mate can make it to the dead
player and tag them with his hand, then that player will stand
up with hands in the air, still out of play, and walk back to his
base where he will respawn immediately, and re enter the
game. Players CANNOT heal THEMSELVES. Once healed by
a team mate a player may go to the dead zone first if they need
to get more ammo, or clean off their goggles, but still do not
respawn until they’ve gone to their base to do so. There will be
no faking dead.

Traditional Capture The Flag

Almost identical to Center Flag, except played on a larger field.
The two bases can be as far apart as desired, but should at
least take a player a few minutes to walk the distance. Instead
of one flag in the middle, there are two flags, one at each base.
To win the game a team must make it to the other team’s base,
capture their flag, and return it to their own base. If both flags
are captured simultaneously, then the win goes to the team to
plant the opponent’s flag first.   The same wound, medic, and
respawn rules apply as in Center Flag.

Save The Bacon

This is just like Protect the President, or as some call it, Grand
Bush. Except for a twist. There will be two presidents or Grand
Bushes. Each pres. has his own men that follow his orders,
and are willing to take a bullet for him. The pres. has no
weapon, and is completely dependent on his men to protect
him. Both teams maneuver for position. The game is over
when one of the presidents is killed.


This is an end game when everyone is getting low on ammo, or
several players have left and gone home. Everyone splits up
into two or three man teams, depending on how many players
are playing. at about one minute intervals a team enters the
field. NO PUPPY GUARDING the entrance to the field. The
same two-wound rule is in effect. A team cannot split up. They
must stick together. They shouldn’t get out of sight, or talking
distance from one another. If a player is eliminated he goes
back to the dead zone, and waits for other players to get
eliminated and also return to the dead zone. When enough
players have gathered to form a new team, the new team
enters the field and into the game.   If more than one team is
forming in the dead zone, or a team went in just before another
team forms, the second team must wait a couple minutes (until
the first team is out of sight ) before they re enter the game.
Lives are endless. There is no end to the game, unless a time
limit is set, or everyone runs out of rounds, or it gets to late to
continue playing.
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NASA and the Americans spent millions of dollars and hundreds of hours to develop a pen that would write in space.....The Russians used a pencil.
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wicked lol
finaaly i have the smart parts ion

smart parts ion
Halo b with rip drive
49ci 3000psi
dye sticky grips
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thanx. i've never heard of "spawn" before. i'll have to try it out.

i hate being the president while playing "Protecht the President" it sux balls.
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