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Topic ClosedSo I just got off AIM with Oliver...

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: So I just got off AIM with Oliver...
    Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:48am

And I'd just like to say, it was the most amazing night of my life, thanks.

You have just entered room "chat2065217461497734348."
ClintonBaller17 has entered the room.
ClintonBaller17: good job
Oliver290 has entered the room.
tmltyilml: okay...hes comming.
Oliver290: hi
tmltyilml: just tell me one more time...it made me so horny.
tmltyilml: Oliver, please.
ClintonBaller17: tell her
tmltyilml: how big is your <private member>?
Oliver290: me 8inches
tmltyilml: and Mike?
Oliver290: mikie says 9 inches
tmltyilml: oh jesus...
ClintonBaller17: huge
tmltyilml: on a scale of 1-10, how hot would you say he is?
Oliver290: 10
ClintonBaller17: kiss him
tmltyilml: OMG.  YES KISS HIM!
Oliver290: no thank you
tmltyilml: please, we'll have sex with you!
Oliver290: mikie says NO!!!!!!
ClintonBaller17: for a long time
Oliver290: huh
ClintonBaller17: kiss him oliver
Oliver290: ?
tmltyilml: Please!  He doesn't understand, trish and I will have sex with you two!
Oliver290: you live in another state
ClintonBaller17: well come to you
Oliver290: and i dont swing that way
Oliver290: when
tmltyilml: so what?  We only live in DC
ClintonBaller17: what way
Oliver290: ?
Oliver290: when will you come here
ClintonBaller17: kiss him please
tmltyilml: please.
tmltyilml: Ill have internet sex with you.
ClintonBaller17: <do something sexual>
Oliver290: ok.NO!!!!!!
tmltyilml: Why not?!?!
ClintonBaller17: why not
Oliver290: mikie says AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oliver290: HELL NO!!!!
ClintonBaller17: tell mike to do it
Oliver290: no
ClintonBaller17: why not
tmltyilml: are you two not comfortable with your sexuality?
ClintonBaller17: thats so not hot
ClintonBaller17: homosexual guys are hot
Oliver290: mikie says only chick hands can touch something that precious to me!!
tmltyilml: why do you say chick and babe?
tmltyilml: i find it VERY dissrespectful.
ClintonBaller17: mike just pretend oliver is a chick
Oliver290: !we are skaters and we type do that
ClintonBaller17: do you wanna do tina
Oliver290: i dont know what tina looks like
ClintonBaller17: hot
Oliver290: well send me a picture
ClintonBaller17: put a back over her head and cut out a mouth if you think she is ugly
Oliver290: mikie says you cant judge what you cant see
tmltyilml: hey, im not ugly, at least, thats not what you said.
Oliver290: who?
ClintonBaller17: she has big boobs
tmltyilml: Trish, after earlier how can you say that?
tmltyilml: i was suffocating you with them earlier.
Oliver290: sufficating?
tmltyilml: Im just thinking about your guys' <male private parts> right now...OMG, trish, can you belive how big they are?
tmltyilml: we're into the kinky stuff.
ClintonBaller17: no i cant
Oliver290: good genes
Oliver290: and jrans
Oliver290: random
tmltyilml: so, Mike is a 10?
Oliver290: jeans
tmltyilml: if mike is a ten, then what are you?
Oliver290: well thats what he typed
Oliver290: 10
tmltyilml: oh. my. GOD.  You have no idea how much i want you right now...
Oliver290: yard knome for hire
tmltyilml: do you know any spanish?
Oliver290: we are going to be working at a chineese restaraunt
Oliver290: oliver went to pee
tmltyilml: Chinese guys are hott, I love their eyes...
Oliver290: how can they see?
Oliver290: oliver is back
tmltyilml: good, i was getting lonely.
ClintonBaller17: thats racist
Oliver290: it is?
tmltyilml: I don't like Mike anymore.
Oliver290: its a sientific question
ClintonBaller17: heres a pic
Oliver290: ok
tmltyilml: even if his <male member> is bigger than Ollie's im not very tolarent of intolarent people.
Oliver290: were is it
Oliver290: im not intolerent i am one of the most tolerent people there is
ClintonBaller17: <bad image>
tmltyilml: OMG, you better not!
tmltyilml: not that one!
tmltyilml: OMG.
ClintonBaller17: you little slut you
tmltyilml: I can't belive you just put that picture there!
ClintonBaller17: heres me
tmltyilml: Trish is a total hottie/
Oliver290: it wont let me go there
Oliver290: why dont you e-mail me the pic
tmltyilml: just take off the [img] tags.
tmltyilml: and put it in your url.
Oliver290: i never put them on there
tmltyilml: Hey, can you do something?
Oliver290: url?
tmltyilml: the little place where you type in the internet address.
tmltyilml: can you do something for me?
Oliver290: huh?
Oliver290: what
tmltyilml: Can you tell me what Mike is wearing?
Oliver290: a blue t **edited** and jeans
tmltyilml: well, yeah, how low are his jeans, can you see his underwear?
Oliver290: yes
tmltyilml: what kind of underwear is he wearing?
Oliver290: bowers
Oliver290: boxers
tmltyilml: What color/design?
Oliver290: blue
tmltyilml: Any designs or images on them?
Oliver290: oh you guys gotta like him hes one of my bodygards
ClintonBaller17: oliver have you ever had sex with a girl
Oliver290: no
Oliver290: no
ClintonBaller17: want to?
Oliver290: both
tmltyilml: Oliver!
Oliver290: what
ClintonBaller17: have sex with tina
tmltyilml: Does mike have a bulge?
tmltyilml: But mike's unit is bigger!
Oliver290: bulge?
ClintonBaller17: swollen member
Oliver290: ??????
ClintonBaller17: do u have a girlfriend
tmltyilml: I want to be his girlfriend.
Oliver290: mines going to break up with me
ClintonBaller17: what a **edited**
tmltyilml: so you're single?
Oliver290: mike is curently single
Oliver290: sorta
tmltyilml: will he go out with me?
Oliver290: who
tmltyilml: nevermind.
Oliver290: mike or oliver
tmltyilml: tell me, what kind of underwear does mike normally wear?
Oliver290: boxers
tmltyilml: Yeah, what kind though?  Tight, loose, what?
ClintonBaller17: Ill show you a picture of my friend
Oliver290: loose gotta let them have some air
Oliver290: ok show me a picture
Oliver290: hello?
tmltyilml: wait, them?  so, like, you have two penis'?
Oliver290: no he was talking about his balls
tmltyilml: sure.
Oliver290: its true i have one <male member> and two balls
Oliver290: it gets crowded in there some times
tmltyilml: No way.
Oliver290: hahaha
Oliver290: weres that pic
tmltyilml: no, im being serious.  you actually have two balls?
tmltyilml: my last boyfriend had three.
Oliver290: hes <bad word>,no offence
tmltyilml: don't cuss, please.
ClintonBaller17: hold on
Oliver290: sorry
Oliver290: my bad
Oliver290: oh ok
ClintonBaller17: potty mouth
Oliver290: i'll wait
Oliver290: his bad
Oliver290: i was talking about mike
Oliver290: are both of you 16
tmltyilml: yes.
Oliver290: oh ok
Oliver290: mikie asks if you can talk giberish
ClintonBaller17: why
tmltyilml: Listen, i have to tell you something.
Oliver290: hes stupid like that but you gotta anwser the question or he'll keep bugging you
Oliver290: ok
tmltyilml: Trish and I have <male members> also.
tmltyilml: we also have two balls.
Oliver290: what about the other chick
Oliver290: we?
ClintonBaller17: bat and balls
tmltyilml: Yes, trish and I have both parts.
tmltyilml: I should have told you earlier.
ClintonBaller17: were transexual
ClintonBaller17: trannys
Oliver290: its ok we are still cool
Oliver290: hold on a sec
tmltyilml: okay, i don't think you understand though...we need to tell you something else though.
ClintonBaller17: we have a <female member> and balls and a <male member>
tmltyilml: we're also men.
Oliver290: we understood we are still cool
Oliver290: <eff> you guys
tmltyilml: woah, why are you so mad?
ClintonBaller17: youve been punk'd <bad words!>
Oliver290: ok thats just mean man
tmltyilml: you seriously need to talk to girls man, really.
Oliver290: you guys should have told us from the beginng
ClintonBaller17: why
tmltyilml: Have a nice night, I love you.


So, basically, I tried to tell him that talking to unknown people online is NOT a good idea, Oliver, I Hope you've learned something.


Later, I apologized:

tmltyilml: I want to say im sorry.
Oliver290: are you really guys
tmltyilml: yes.
Oliver290: is that really your names
tmltyilml: no.
tmltyilml: Listen, I just wanted to apologize.
Oliver290: ok
Oliver290: go on
tmltyilml: I didn't mean to hurt anyone, I just wanted to get the point across that maybe meeting girls online isn't the best way to meet women.
tmltyilml: Please, just go out, and meet some real girls.
Oliver290: i dont wanna date them i just like talking to them
Oliver290: we alredy do
tmltyilml: Good, so, are we cool?
Oliver290: yeah its just time to exspand or watch i geuss you could call it
tmltyilml: huh, okay.
Oliver290: i guess
tmltyilml: okay, sorry man.
Oliver290: ok you better
tmltyilml: hah, i am.
tmltyilml: ill see you around.          ;           ;           ;           ;     

Oliver290: you were pretty convincing, i do give you that

So, we're cool, and all is okay.

"According to Sue Johanson, theres nothing that can increase your manhood, trust me I've already looked into it for myself." -Zata
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:50am
That was fun. I also offer my apologies Oliver and to Mike also.

Edited by BuffaloSolda1
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:51am
And Oliver gets the award for biggest moron of the century.

Along with his 8 inch wang.

And how in the hell was that convincing at all?

sporx wrote:
well...ya i prolly will be a virgin till i'm at least 30.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:51am
Thats WAY too long to read.....
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one strike, flaming 7/15

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:51am
Im not kidding, that was the best night ive ever had with someone.
"According to Sue Johanson, theres nothing that can increase your manhood, trust me I've already looked into it for myself." -Zata
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:52am
Buffalo, wanna add our convo from last night to the thread?  I'll e-mail it to you for editing.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 24 June 2005 at 3:55am
This is borderline. No.
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