Success of reliable and affordable paintball brand leads to another product extension

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. (June 2, 2009) – Project Salvo™ is here…an exciting new marker from U.S. Army Paintball featuring a six position collapsible and foldable stock, an AR15 style shroud with four built-in Picatinny rails and a new AR15 style magazine that doubles as a helpful toolkit. The marker also incorporates a flat-top Picatinny rail built into the receiver, which makes it simple for players to quickly add a handle, site, scope or a variety of other modifications. As an added benefit, the Project Salvo marker can be easily enhanced with an eGrip™ as well as several other performance upgrades from the Tippmann 98 Custom® Platinum Series, including the Cyclone™ Feed System, Response™ Trigger and Flatline™ barrel.

“Project Salvo is a very affordable, reliable marker that provides a realistic appearance and can be easily customized and modified to take on a variety of looks and performance characteristics,” said Patrick Ehren, vice president of sales and marketing for Tippmann Sports. “This new marker is a natural extension of the U.S. Army Paintball line and was designed based on feedback secured from players. So, we anticipate strong response – similar to when we launched Alpha Black, the first paintball marker introduced under the U.S. Army brand.”

Much like Alpha Black™, the name selected for this new marker is rooted in U.S. military history. Project Salvo was a series of tests conducted by the U.S. Army’s Operations Research Office (ORO) from the mid to late 1950s. The research obtained through Project Salvo helped lead to the development of the AR15, which would go on to become the M16 – widely considered among the most respected and proven rifles ever utilized by the United States armed forces.

Additional features of Project Salvo include an 11” quick-thread barrel, removable and adjustable front and rear sights, an all-aluminum die cast receiver, a stainless steel gas line, an adjustable and removable sling mount, and a quick-release feeder elbow for easy maintenance. As with other U.S. Army Paintball markers, Project Salvo also comes with a training manual that offers helpful advice regarding paintball strategy and teamwork.

Project Salvo is expected to be available at select paintball dealers and fields beginning June 2009. It will have an MSRP of $169.

“No other marker currently available offers this combination of affordability, upgradability and reliability,” Ehren added. “Plus, with Project Salvo, players can take the field with a marker bearing the official U.S. Army Brigadier Star – a great way to show their support for America’s armed forces.”

The complete U.S. Army Paintball line now encompasses a variety of products, including the Project Salvo marker, the Alpha Black Basic marker, the Alpha Black Tactical Edition marker, Elite Forces™ Premium Paintballs and Ranger Goggle. The Alpha Black markers are also available with an eGrip that offers three different firing modes and the tactical edition can be purchased in a version that incorporates the official U.S. Army camo pattern.

For additional details on any of the products available from U.S. Army Paintball, including a list of retailers, please visit USArmyPaintball.com.

About Tippmann Sports: 
All U.S. Army Paintball markers are manufactured by Tippmann Sports. For more than 20 years, Tippmann has been dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and design. The company serves the paintball industry from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tippmann Sports’ complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.


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