Three major distribution alliances with ProCaps Direct, PBL Canada and Estratego.

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - NOVEMBER 2, 2005 - Tippmann Sports, the world-leading manufacturer of high performance paintball markers and related accessories, is excited to announce it has formed three major distribution alliances with ProCaps Direct, PBL Canada and Estratego.

The partnership with ProCaps Direct provides the company non-exclusive distribution rights in the United States for all Tippmann markers and accessories. Patrick Ehren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tippmann Sports, commented on the new alliance, "ProCaps distribution strategy, which includes five warehouses from coast to coast across the United States, fits well into Tippmann's long-term strategy. We're extremely excited about the relationship with ProCaps new factory-owned distribution powerhouse and look forward to working closely with the company to increase Tippmann's sales in the traditional channel." Mike Peverill, CEO of ProCaps Direct, echoed Ehren's excitement. "The combination of Tippmann markers, ProCaps paint and VForce goggles makes this a powerful partnership."

ProCaps Direct, based in Washington DC, currently serves the United States through five warehouses in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Texas and California. Additional details about ProCaps Direct can be obtained by calling 1-866-688-8880 or by visitingwww.procaps.com.

In a related development, Tippmann announced the formation of an alliance with PBL Canada to act as the primary, non-exclusive distributor of Tippmann products throughout Canada. The relationship also establishes PBL's distribution centers as certified tech centers, capable of providing warranty repairs and other services in Canada with genuine Tippmann parts.

"This new alliance is expected to allow Tippmann to better serve the expanding Canadian paintball market," Ehren said. "In the past, Tippmann has not had service capabilities in Canada, which became a priority as we developed our long-term Canadian strategy. We're pleased to be partnered with PBL, a company that is synonymous with paintball in Canada. PBL has a strong reputation, provides exceptional service and possesses the best distribution network in the country. We're also excited about working with PBL on marketing initiatives that will focus on growing the scenario game in Canada."

Robert Lee, president of PBL said, "We're thrilled to have formalized a partnership with one of the leading names in the game. It's rewarding to know that the PBL team, through its proven track record of success and attention to detail, has earned the confidence of Tippmann to distribute and service its markers in Canada."

PBL, based in Montreal, serves Canada through two warehouses: one in St. Laurent (Montreal) and the other in a new distribution center located in Burbary (Vancouver). The company is widely credited with helping to introduce paintball in Canada and has gained a reputation for providing the very best equipment with friendly, personalized service. Additional details about PBL can be obtained by calling 1-888-595-5993 or by visiting the company on the internet atwww.buypbl.com.

Finally, Tippmann has also formed an alliance with Estratego, headquartered in Portugal and Spain, that includes non-exclusive European distribution rights, the operation of certified tech centers throughout Europe and a marketing partnership that will help increase Tippmann's presence in the European market.

"Europe continues to be a growing market for Tippmann," Ehren added. "We needed a stronger marketing presence and service strategy to properly serve this market; and we believe Estratego has the resources and the intiative to effectively represent Tippmann. Plus, partnering with Estratego provides us with an immediate tie to the Millenium Series. Estratego will represent Tippmann at more than 15 events throughout Europe each year, including the five Millenium events, which will put Tippmann in front of thousands of consumers who may not have been exposed to our company in the past."

In summary, Ehren said, "We are extremely excited about these three new relationships. ProCaps Direct, PBL and Estratego are very strong and reputable entities in the paintball sector and we feel these partnerships will position Tippmann for continued growth around the globe."

Founded in 1986 by Dennis Tippmann, Sr., Tippmann Sports prides itself on "American Made" manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting edge technology and design. The company serves the growing paintball industry from its headquarters in Fort Wayne, Ind. Tippmann Sports' complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

Additional information about Tippmann Sports can be obtained by calling 1-800-533-4831 or by visiting the company's newly redesigned website, located at www.tippmann.com.

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