Alpha Black is a durable new marker

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - The first product released by U.S. Army paintball, the most exciting new brand in the game, has arrived. Alpha Black is a durable new marker that incorporates several popular upgrades, including a high-performance 11" barrel, an integrated carry handle, an all-metal receiver and a removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit. As an added benefit, Alpha Black can easily be modified to take on an M16 style stock and shroud - allowing players to take the field with a new marker resembling one of the most popular rifles in U.S. military history.

Manufactured by Tippmann Sports, Alpha Black offers reliable performance and durability with its easy-to-maintain in-line bolt system, all aluminum die cast receiver, stainless steel gas line and quick release elbow for easy maintenance.

"We believe there's a big market for this product," said Patrick Ehren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tippmann Sports. "There's no question that players today are seeking high-quality equipment at an affordable price - and that's exactly what Alpha Black delivers. Plus, initial consumer response to the U.S. Army brand has been incredibly strong. Paintball players just seem to connect with the physical prowess, mental toughness and self-respect that's associated with the U.S. Army name."

Alpha Black, as well as all future products from U.S. Army Paintball, will be part of a broad-reaching program that will utilize the core values of the Army to promote paintball safety, teamwork and strategy. Each marker sold will include a special U.S. Army Field Guide that will help educate players and provide them with the necessary tools to be effective and responsible in the field. Highlights of the new field guide include safety guidelines, preventative maintenance instructions, physical fitness advice and tips for organizing a successful paintball session.

Alpha Black will be available in two primary versions - Alpha Black Basic ($119) and Alpha Black Tactical ($149). The tactical version comes standard with an M16 style 5-position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in site. Both versions are available in a Power Pack, which adds a 200-round hopper, anti-fog goggles and 9 oz. CO2 tank. Each marker can also be purchased with an eGrip that offers three electronic modes - semi auto, 3-shot burst, and full safety auto, which can produce up to 15 shots-per-second. Finally, a four piece Tactical Conversion Kit is available for players who initially purchase the Alpha Black Basic, and then decide to upgrade to the tactical version.

For additional details about Alpha Black from U.S. Army Paintball, please call 1-800-533-4831. More specific product information and retail availability is also available on the new U.S. Army Paintball website, located at usarmypaintball.com. While on the site, those interested can learn more about key product features, view all available Alpha Black product configurations and link to outside educational paintball resources.

For more than 20 years, Tippmann Sports has been dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting-edge technology and design. The company serves the paintball and airsoft industries from its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tippmann Sports' complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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