Tippman has launched the next generation of Anti-Chop Technology

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - FEBRUARY 9, 2006 - Tippmann Sports, the world-leading manufacturer of paintball markers and related accessories, has launched the next generation of Anti-Chop Technology, which virtually eliminates paintball breakage and jamming. Unlike many existing Anti-Chop mechanisms, which are essentially spring-loaded bolts, Tippmann's Anti-Chop Technology is a complete new system consisting of a rear bolt, front bolt and linkage arm with movements that are dictated by the location of a paintball in the chamber prior to firing.

If a paintball is fed correctly, the system's front bolt and rear bolt travel together - connected by the linkage arm - to fire the ball. However, if a ball is lodged inside the chamber incorrectly, the front bolt will stop moving forward as soon as it makes the slightest contact with the lodged ball. The rear bolt continues moving forward, but is momentarily disconnected from the linkage arm until it hits the marker's air valve. Upon reaching the air valve, the rear bolt is quickly forced back as it reconnects to the linkage arm, which pulls the front bolt back into firing position. While the two bolts are traveling back together, the lodged ball falls into position and the marker then cycles itself to discharge the ball at normal velocity.

"Our new Anti-Chop Technology is the most sophisticated system of its kind, but to players, it boils down to this - less broken balls, less jamming and an easier, more productive day playing paintball," said Denny Tippmann, Jr., Senior Vice President of Research and Development for Tippmann Sports. "Plus, because of the way our system was designed, issues such as loss of velocity and blowback that can be experienced with other Anti-Chop systems will not occur with the Tippmann Anti-Chop Technology."

Shot velocity is maintained with Tippmann's new system because its cycle speed never changes, unlike with spring-loaded Anti-Chop bolts that stall slightly when encountering a lodged ball. In addition, "blowback," a sudden release of trapped air into the hopper that often breaks paintballs and creates a big mess, is also eliminated because Tippmann's Anti-Chop Technology maintains consistent airflow in the marker whether there is a blockage or not.

Tippmann Sports will be introducing its new Anti-Chop Technology (A.C.T.) on an enhanced 98 Custom marker. The 98 Custom with A.C.T. will also incorporate several other upgrades including a new receiver that accepts electronics and a more durable finish. The new marker is expected to be available in March and will carry an MSRP of $169.

"The 98 Custom is one of the most popular paintball markers of all time and continues to be a very solid performer for us," Tippmann added. "So we wanted to maintain the key components in this marker that so many players have grown accustomed to, while introducing some new features to improve upon this tried-and-true classic. We anticipate stong response to the 98 Custom with A.C.T."

For additional details about Tippmann's new Anti-Chop Technology or the company's soon to be released 98 Custom with A.C.T., please call 1-800-533-4831. More specific information about the company and its products can also be obtained online at Tippmann's newly redesigned website, www.tippmann.com.

Proudly celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2006, Tippmann Sports is dedicated to quality manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting edge technology and design. The company serves the growing paintball and Airsoft industries from its corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. Tippmann Sports' complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores and fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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