The company's C3 with PEP Technology

BUFFALO GROVE, IL - OCTOBER 19, 2005 - Tippmann Sports has launched a groundbreaking new marker powered by propane. The company's C3 with PEP Technology is a pump-action marker offering a new level of convenience with the same range and velocity performance as CO2, nitrogen and compressed air. The propane fuel source behind the C3 is much more accessible and considerably less expensive than traditional CO2. In addition, the new marker's PEP Technology (propane-enhanced performance) is not affected by temperature changes and offers users significantly longer play. In fact, a single 16.4-ounce standard propane tank provides more than 50,000 shots as compared to a 20-ounce tank of CO2, which offers roughly 800 to 1,000 shots.

The C3 is powered through a portable propane canister, the same as those commonly used for camping equipment such as handheld lanterns. As a result, acceptable refills can be easily obtained in a variety of retail environments around the country. This is especially beneficial for players in rural areas where CO2 may be difficult to find as well as new players seeking a hassle-free way to get started in paintball. When the propane canister on a C3 runs out, it can simply be discarded and replaced with a new one - there is no refilling process.

"Our new C3 allows players to spend more time playing paintball and less time filling their tanks," said Patrick Ehren, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tippmann Sports. "With the extended performance offered through propane, many players will need to refresh their tanks only once or twice a year. And, when the time to refuel does come around, it's never been easier."

Another benefit of Tippmann's C3 with PEP Technology is the cost savings it extends. A 16.4-ounce propane canister can be purchased for $8 or less, versus $30 to $35 for a 20-ounce CO2 tank. To obtain enough CO2 for the 50,000 shots provided by one propane canister, a player would need to spend an additional $250.

"Without question, propane offers a new level of convenience and savings that will really add up over time," Ehren stated. "We're very pleased with the new technology because it provides real benefits to seasoned players and beginners alike. Plus, we're excited about the new dimension C3 brings to the game of paintball."

Initially, PEP Technology is being launched on a pump-action marker, which the company believes will appeal to both traditional players who are more focused on strategy than the amount of paint they can unload as well as first-time players who will appreciate the hassle-free aspect of the technology. The company also anticipates more fields offering pump-only tournaments to attract these players in the future.

Tippmann began working on the propane technology behind the C3 more than five years ago. The idea was born in the field as the company consistently heard about the hassles of refueling when using CO2 from players, dealers and field owners. The refueling issue was especially critical to players in rural areas and rogue players who were tired of having to stockpile multiple tanks to ensure an adequate supply of gas.

"In many ways, propane is the ideal fuel for a paintball marker - it's readily available, easy to use and completely safe," said Denny Tippmann, Jr., Vice President of Research and Development for Tippmann Sports. "In fact, propane is used safely in dozens of consumer products, including power tools, household appliances, outdoor lighting, camping equipment and cars. It was really just a matter of time before someone recognized propane's potential to enhance the game of paintball."

The new, durable C3 features an aluminum and composite construction as well as a 13" mandrel-wrapped barrel for added accuracy and reduced weight. The velocity range for C3, which can be adjusted with a regular flat-heaad screwdriver, is 240 to 320 feet-per-second. The marker's firing rate is approximately four balls-per-second.

The C3 with PEP Technology carries an MSRP of $229 and is now available exclusively at paintball specialty stores. The new marker will be packaged in a box/blister pack combination, a first-of-its-kind from Tippmann Sports. The unique packaging was specially designed to entice and educate consumers by allowing them to view the C3 while it's being displayed.

For more details about the C3, please call Tippmann Sports at 1-800-533-4831 or visit the company's newly redesigned web site at www.tippmann.com and click on the C3 icon.

Founded in 1986 by Dennis Tippmann, Sr., Tippmann Sports prides itself on "American Made" manufacturing and the pursuit of cutting edge technology and design. The company serves the growing paintball industry from its corporate headquarters in Fort Wayne, Ind. Tippmann Sports' complete line of paintball markers and related accessories can be found at paintball stores adn fields as well as mass retail and sporting goods outlets throughout the world.

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